Souvenir wholesale

From ‘s Gravendeel in the South of Holland Trophee serves domestic and foreign retailers in typical Dutch souvenirs and related products. It is especially the full service that customers appreciate when they do business with Trophee. There is a wide range of products that are unique thanks to the creative own design department. Because design takes place in house, Trophee can also customize products. For example, souvenirs with images and texts of certain cities.

From the view that everyone preferably buys products serving the purpose – for yourself or for someone else – are many of Trophee’s souvenirs useful items that everyone is keen on.

Service and price

Trophee is proud of the high-quality products they can offer at competitive market prices thanks to the right partners home and abroad. Inspiration enough to constantly offer innovative and surprising products.

Many Trophee employees have years of experience in the industry and can therefore offer excellent service. From fast and efficient delivery, to thinking and complete shelvesplans and storedecoration. Trophee employees are happy to roll on their sleeves for their customers. Ask a quotation and experience the Trophee service!